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Pod Save the World

Tommy Vietor, who worked for the US National Security Council, and former Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes break down international news and foreign policy developments, while also interviewing foreign policy experts and insiders.

The Globalist

Monocle’s daily rundown of global news, with an emphasis on political economy. Recorded in London but with correspondents reporting from around the world.

Best International Relations Podcasts (Player FM):

Extensive listing of podcasts focusing on international events and ideas, including ones with a specific regional focus.

Okay Africa:

Listing of several current podcasts focused on African politics, culture and diaspora.

Asian Politics Podcasts

Assortment of current podcasts focused on political developments in various Asian regions and countries.


Latin America in Focus

Politics, economics and international relations in Latin America. Field and country experts report on emerging events and longer-term trends in the region.


Interview of Prof. Luis Cabrera on the topic of world government: Part 1, Part II

Global Democracy and Justice: Lecture Series 

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