The World Orders Forum is an online venue for academic exchange about issues relating to regional and global integration, and about global governance in general. Essays on all subjects relating to these topics are potentially acceptable for submission. This includes essays based in the various sub-fields of international studies, and in political science more generally, as well as in other academic disciplines.

Authors who wish to submit essays to the WOF must have a PhD. (Authors enrolled in a PhD program will also be given consideration). In certain instances, the administrators of the World Government Research Network will ask individuals who have an expertise in areas which are relevant to topics of global governance, but who are not academics, to submit essays to the WOF. 

Submissions should be sent in Word format to James Thompson at Essays must be at least 1000 words long. There is no maximum word limit, and citations are optional. For the sake of formatting consistency, we ask that essays use Times New Roman, 12-point font.


In addition to the essay itself, authors should submit a brief paragraph with pertinent biographical information.

The maximum number of submissions allowed is one essay per month per author.

There is not a “formal” review process for submitted essays. Website administrators will ensure that submissions accord with proper professional etiquette, and they will check to ensure that authors do indeed have PhD standing, but, aside from these restrictions, any submission that accords with the guidelines will be posted to the site. As such, the time from submission to posting should typically not be longer than one week.

Submissions will not be covered by copyright.